5 year-old girl left fighting for her life after knocking deep fryer oil on to herself while playing with sister

A five-year-old girl was left fighting for her life after knocking over a deep fat fryer and burning 38 per cent of her body. 

Grace Shaw was playing with her younger sister Farrah when she fell and pulled the contents of the cooker – which were as hot as 375F – all over herself on April 28, 2016.

She went into shock from the searing pain and was quickly covered in a damp towel by her father Gary Shaw, at their kitchen in Talbot Green, Wales.

Mr Shaw called Grace’s mother Toni-Marie Grundy-Jones, who was working in a restaurant five minutes away from their home.

Ms Grundy-Jones said Grace was shaking and screaming ‘I’m dying, I’m dying’ when she rushed home, and the parents then drove her to A&E.

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The mother claims the incredible care Grace received from staff at the Royal Glamorgan Hospital – situated just minutes from their home – saved her daughter’s life.

‘Without their fast-thinking and reactions my daughter wouldn’t be here now,’ said Toni-Marie.

‘As soon as she arrived at the hospital she was sedated and prevented from going into full-blown shock. If we’d had to travel any further to hospital I believe she would have died.’

Recalling the horrifying incident, Toni-Marie said: ‘Before I had gone to work I had put the deep fat fryer on and cut some chips ready to put in it.

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‘After the chips had been made I had put the fryer to cool on the counter. It had been turned off for about 20 minutes when the accident happened.’

When Gary arrived at the doors of A&E with Grace cradled in his arms, Toni-Marie said they were taken straight into a side room where they were surrounded by medical staff.

They were fabulous. We had eight doctors and five nurses all around her,’ she said.

‘Grace had to be ventilated and sedated before being taken by ambulance to Bristol Children’s Hospital.’

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For the first 13 hours of arriving in Bristol, Grace’s parents were unable to see her as doctors carried out emergency skin grafts and tried to stabilise her condition.

‘She had burns to her head, half her back, her left and right arm. She also had splashes on her legs and feet,’ said Toni-Marie, who now lives in Llanharry.

‘The only thing that wasn’t affected was her torso.’

Grace spent three months in Bristol before she was discharged, and now has regular appointments at the Welsh Centre for Burns and Plastic Surgery at Morriston Hospital in Swansea.


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