Appointment of KWASU VC: Conspiracy or hatred for Kwara North

Appointment of KWASU VC! Conspiracy or hatred for Kwara North

The appointment of another Kwara Central man as the VC of KWASU is not only unfortunate, but the highest display of injustice, hatred for Kwara North and lack of the fear of the Almighty Allah.

Kwara State University (KWASU) was established in 2009, and had Professor Na’Allah from Kwara Central as its pioneer Vice Chancellor. Na’Allah served for two consecutive terms between 2009 to 2019. Upon the completion of his tenure in 2019, he was appointed as the Vice Chancellor, University of Abuja where he is currently.
However, Professor Saka Mahmud from Kwara North was appointed in an acting capacity after the controversy that surrounded the appointment of Na’Allah’s successor. Rather than confirming Prof Saka Mahmud’s appointment as a substantive Vice Chancellor considering the fact the he was the most qualified, and in the spirit of equity, fairness and Justice, Professor Akanbi who came second during interview and from Kwara Central that has occupied the position for 10years, was appointed as the VC. This is in spite of the fact that both the registrar and chief librarian of the university are also from the Central.
One begins to wonder if the institution belongs to the entire Kwara State or the exclusive reserve of Kwara Central.

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The entire Kwara North is thrown in a dilemma over this inconsiderate and irresponsible appointment of Prof Akambi.

Nonetheless, we attributed the maginalisation of Kwara North to Saraki and Abdulfatah Ahmed government and the reason why the North massively voted for change. But unfortunately, we failed to define the type of change we really yearn for.
In Kwara State today, all the heads of the tertiary institutions are either headed by Kwara Central or South with no single one occupied by the north.
To buttress my point, let me quickly sight some few appointment in the state headed by Central and South :

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Chairman, Civil Service Commission – Central
Chairman Judicial Service Commission- Kwara Central
Rector- Kwara Poly – Central
Registrar KWASU – Central
Chairman, Assembly Service Commission – Central
Chairman KWIRS – South DG Harmony Holdings – South.
Kwara State Muslim Pilgrims Board- Central etc.

Furthermore, I think our patience, maturity and silence have been mistaking for ignorance, weakness, incompetence and stupidity. We are not subservient to other senatorial districts and we cannot continue to play a second fiddle in a state where we all have equal right and responsibility. Therefore, it’s high time we take a stand as we cannot continue to be bamboozled and seen as fools, we are not fools.
Enough is enough!

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Prince Haliru Dantsoho Mahmud
(Dan’Iyan Kaiama)
1st April, 2020


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