Bella Hadid accused of editing her pictures as she goes braless in sultry snaps

As one of the most beautiful women in the world, you wouldn’t think Bella Hadid would be compelled to edit her pictures.
But that’s just what the model, 23, has been accused of doing after she posted two sultry braless snaps to her Instagram account on Tuesday afternoon.
In the first photo her foot appeared bizarrely bendy as she sat on a chair with her legs crossed.
The shelf behind her appeared to bed around her arms as she posed with one hand on her lap.
The second image showed the shelf bending in a different direction and the reflection of the mirror in the shiny floor was also wonky.
Her Instagram followers were quick to point out all the strange things about the pictures.
One commented: “The mirror looks funny.”
“Love did you edit your feet?” another posted. “Did you edit your legs?”
A third posted: “Bella I love you so much but your foot on the left LMAOO.”
In the stunning snaps Bella donned a tiny denim jacket and a minuscule matching skirt as she posed.
She pulled the look together with a brightly coloured striped hat.

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