Bill Maher is slammed for saying people should ignore Joe Biden’s s.e.x accuser

Bill Maher is criticizing the media for focusing on Tara Reade’s s.e.xual assault allegations against Joe Biden and urging people not to let her ‘victimhood’ derail the ‘only hope’ Democrats have of defeating President Trump at the November polls.

The comedian and political commentator devoted part of Real Time with Bill Maher monologue to addressing the potential fallout of Reade’s claims against the former Vice President.

Reade has been making headlines recently with her accusation that Biden s.e.xually assaulted her in the hallway of a Capitol Hill building in 1993, when she was a 29-year-old staff assistant working for then 50-year-old Biden, who was a senator.

Biden has denied the claims.

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Maher noted that the situation boiled down to ‘he-said, she-said.’

‘She says Biden attacked her and he says he didn’t. Those are their positions. How about this for yours: Don’t know, never will, don’t care,’ Maher said during the HBO show’s monologue.

Maher also said that ‘Just because Fox News is obsessed with the Biden s.e.x assault allegations, it doesn’t mean the rest of us have to be.’

He then urged the ‘liberal’ media and the Democrat party not to ‘go down the rabbit hole of “Joe Biden, s.e.x monster.”‘

Although Maher made it a point to say that he ‘understood’ Reade waiting years to make allegations – because ‘it can take victims years to come forward’ – he did wonder why she was coming forward at this exact time.

‘You waited 27 years, it couldn’t hold another few months?’ he said.

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‘I’m saying why not before Super Tuesday?’ Maher said he wanted to ask Reade. ‘Why not last fall, when we still had a dozen other candidates to chose from? Why wait until Biden is our only hope against Trump and then take him down?’

During the monologue, Maher pointed out that Reade had written a since-deleted blog post about her admiration for Russia’s Vladimir Putin and also contradicted herself with regard to whether she had been scared of Biden at the time or whether she filed a sexual harassment claim.

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Maher said that the Democrats ‘”woke” themselves into a corner when they adopted #BelieveWomen as their slogan’ during the #MeToo movement, ‘when it should always have been #TakeAccusationsSeriously.’

He went on to say that ‘Believing everything doesn’t make you noble, it makes you gullible.

He also noted that Reade’s accusations are ‘gathering an importance it should not have’ and that ‘there is so much at stake in this next election. The entire world needs to be put back together like Humpty Dumpty, why should one person’s victimhood trump everyone else’s?’


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