Bitch I ‘m talking to you! Etinosa calls out Ehi Ogbebor

Toor, Nollywood actress, Etinosa has called out Interior Designer, Ehi Ogbebor.

She called her out on instagram saying if at all Ehi wants to call her out for being a sinner, than she must make sure she LIVES A HOLY LIFE.

Etinosa accused Ehi of saying sh-t about her when she said some unimaginable things about the Holy Bible.

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Writing on IG, Etinosa called Ehi out asking her to stop ruining homes, insinuating she just took a married man from his wife and ofcus his children too. What the actress said right after the cut. Trolololo….

“If you are going to criticise my lifestyle make sure your own is perfect. Sinners judging other singers for sinning differently. I ashed on a Bible and you were talking rubbish! Meanwhile you? You took a whole father from his wife and children!! You ruined a godly home!!!How do you sleep at night?,” Etinosa wrote.

She continued, “If you are going to go round town talking about me and painting me black while trying to look holier than thou then you better be REALLY HOLY! Bitch I’m talking to you @ceosayavethinteriors_and_hotel ”


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