Boy caught eating two flies that land on his face during live TV interview

A young boy who appeared on TV alongside his family for a news feature has become a viral star after eagle-eyed viewers spotted his bizarre skill.

Film crews for The Project were visiting rural communities in Australia to see how recent rainfall was impacting the lives of many who had been struggling during drought conditions.

As the two parents stand behind their children, the mum begins to answer a question about the ‘tough times’ they have faced.

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But as she speaks to the camera, a clip posted on Reddit zooms in on the face of her son, who is stood in front of her sporting a large cowboy hat and even bigger smile.

When a fly lands on his cheek, his smile begins to pull to one side to locate it, before his tongue comes out to pull the insect into his mouth.

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No sooner has he swallowed the fly that it is replaced by another, and he again shows off his tongue dexterity to gobble that one down as well.

A man in the video can be heard laughing at the clip as he says ‘he got two of them’ before the camera cuts away.

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Thousands of people were left confused by what they had just watched, as reported by LadBible, as one wrote: “Bear Grylls, the early days.”

Another questioned: “How is it that flies can dodge a fast moving hand but they can’t dodge a slow moving tongue?”

A third simply added: “A man’s gotta eat.”


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