Boyfriend hides engagement ring in dog poo bag and proposes while on a walk

‘As we neared the end of our walk, our dog Teddy was getting ready to do his business.’
She continued: ‘We always carry poo bags with us, as no one should be leaving their dog’s poos behind. That’s just the worst.
‘When I went to grab one, I noticed the case it was in seemed a lot thicker than usual. I opened it up to find an engagement ring box.
‘I couldn’t believe it and was very surprised. I said yes straight away of course, but couldn’t even see the ring at that point because it was getting so dark outside.
‘I never expected to be proposed to in this way but I absolutely loved it. I hate anything too cheesy and romantic.
‘It was perfect and definitely will make a good story to tell for years to come.’
Annabelle and her primary school teacher fiancé have been together for two years but she never expected him to propose as he always ‘brushed it off’.
The bride-to-be said she is over the moon to be engaged and is excited to begin planning their dream wedding as soon as the Covid-19 crisis is over.
She said: ‘We’d talked about getting engaged not that long ago, but he brushed it off and would say something like “I think 2022 is looking good for you!”.
‘My friends and family were so happy for us and loved the proposal. I haven’t been able to see any of them in person yet but once this is all over we will.
‘It’s been such a lovely time and a good distraction from the current situation. ‘
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