Caroline Flack’s former flatmate shares lovely picture of the star as a teenager following her tragic death

Caroline Flack’s former flatmate has shared a lovely picture of the late star as a teenager, writing that she was ‘full of happiness, energy and drive.’

Bernadette Battom, now 42, went to theatre school with Caroline, who died a week last Saturday, aged 40, and wanted to share a moment of her in joyful times when they were aged 16.

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She spoke to the Sunday People about their time at Cambridge’s Bodywork Company in 1996, where they shared a house with three other performers.

The 42-year-old explained: ‘She was so full of happiness, energy and drive.

She said: ‘She was a bundle of confidence and always got picked for everything. We were working so hard we were coming home exhausted, so we didn’t go out loads or party.

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‘Caroline knew where she wanted to go and she was focused on that. She wasn’t the tidiest housemate but she was very popular. People were drawn to her.”

Bernadette was understandably devastated to  hear of Caroline’s death little more than a week ago.

She said: ‘If you told me back then that this was going to happen, I would never have believed it.’

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Sadly, they lost touch after graduating in 1999. 


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