Chippy owner leaves note saying ‘we have not been to China for 20 years’

A Chinese takeaway and chippy has urged customers to keep visiting their business amid coronavirus fears.

The Pearl River, in Reading, Berkshire, displayed a sign in their window telling customers that ‘staff and owners have not been to China in over 20 years’.

Owners of the takeaway, in Emmer Green, put up the sign reading ‘Important Notice’ in bold writing at the front of their business. It adds: ‘All ingredients are sourced within the UK from an EU source.’

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A loyal customer spotted the sign and urged people on social media to ‘please continue to support a local Chinese takeaway’.

The post added: ‘When I picked up our order tonight, Pearl River in Emmer Green has posted this at their premises, due to a drop off in business, thanks to unnecessary prejudice around Coronavirus.’

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Numerous businesses across the UK have reported a sharp drop is business since the virus broke out in Wuhan, China, and started spreading across the world.


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