Coronavirus: German Chancellor Angela Merkel In Quarantine

While Angela Merkel has just announced the new, more restrictive measures taken by the German government and the regions to fight the coronavirus epidemic, the country has also learned that the chancellor is now in quarantine.

Germany is one of the European countries most affected by the coronavirus epidemic with 18,610 cases and 55 deaths, according to the Robert Koch Institute, in charge of epidemiological monitoring.

After a press briefing given by the Chancellor to announce the ban on the gathering of more than two people in public space, the spokeswoman for the German Chancellor said that the doctor who had vaccinated Angela Merkel against pneumococcal infections Friday, March 20 had since tested positive for coronavirus.

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As a precaution, the Chancellor decided to return immediately to her home to quarantine. She will continue her activities there. Angela Merkel will be tested in the coming days to find out if she is infected. A test would not be conclusive at this stage according to his spokesperson.

The chancellor will therefore not be able to direct the Council of Ministers in the morning of Monday, March 23, during which additional budgetary expenditure of 150 billion euros will be adopted to combat the economic consequences of the coronavirus epidemic.

Limit social contacts

The warning seems to have paid off. In her speech on Wednesday, March 18, Angela Merkel had hinted that other measures were possible, in light of more restrictive rules. The indiscipline of part of the population raised fears of such an outcome. On the eve of the weekend, the head of the chancellery said on TV that the behaviour of the Germans would influence the state-regions meeting on Sunday.

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At her press conference, Angela Merkel welcomed the fact that many of her fellow citizens now understand that social contact must be reduced to a minimum. ” I am very touched that you are as much to respect the precautionary rules in solidarity also with seniors or other people more exposed, ” she said. This allows us to save lives. ”

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But the rapid increase in the number of infected people has led the state and regions to take more stringent measures. Bavaria, which had decided on Friday 20 March to be confined like other neighbouring countries, could not impose its harsher solution.

The chosen model does not want to prohibit the Germans from leaving their homes but intends to limit contact to a minimum. Any gathering outside of more than two people is prohibited, except for a family or roommates living under the same roof and at work.

Angela Merkel was also in favour of a less strict line, fearing that confinement would have negative psychological consequences for the people concerned.


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