COVID-19: China deports foreigner for abusing health officers

Chinese authorities have ordered a foreign national to be deported after the “foreigner” assaulted health officers who asked him to wear face mask, according to an official statement.

The foreign national was captured in a video yelling ‘motherf*****’ at the officials before throwing his phone at them.

The foreign resident is facing deportation after being arrested by local police for disrupting public services.

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“We received a report that a foreigner in our jurisdiction did not wear a mask while entering the residential complex he lived in and disobeyed the property management staff,

“His behaviours disrupted the public order and we ordered him to leave the country within a time limit,” Chinese local police stated in their statement.

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The statement did not mention the man’s nationality, but officers confirmed to MailOnline that he comes from Morocco.

A witness told the local press that the foreign national appeared to be intoxicated.

“I was at the convenience shop nearby when I heard someone smashing things and shouting,’ the witness told Pear Video. ‘He smelled of alcohol.”

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