Disturbing photos: Harmless birthmark grew into huge tumour leaving Indonesian man in constant pain

Andriadi Putra, 34, has trouble eating and talking because of the ‘trunk’-like tumour weighing around 88lbs.

It has sprouted into multiple layers and Putra – from Medan in North Sumatra, Indonesia – often covers the biggest part under a large T-shirt.

Putra suffers from severe Neurofibromatosis – a genetic disorder that affects the growth and development of cell tissue.

He faces shortness of breath and cannot walk due to the staggering weight of the tumour.

Putra said, ‘I often groan in pain…the weight breaks my back. It is very heavy and I experience shortness of breath.’

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Putra was born with a small blemish on his face but it kept growing with age.

His parents – father Ismed Triad, 60 and mother Eridah, 52, took him to a local doctors when they noticed the blemish but were told there was nothing to worry.

Because they didn’t have the money, Mr Triad, who is a porter at a traditional market, couldn’t take his son for an advanced medical examination.

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‘I was born with a small blemish but my family assumed that it was a birthmark. But when I was 11 years old, my parents began to suspect it as it was growing bigger.

‘They took me to see a doctor who said I have a disease called ‘narrowing of hormone vessels’ and it is unfortunate.

‘By my parents couldn’t do much. We couldn’t continue the treatment because we don’t have enough money.’

To supplement his family’s earrings Putra worked at a motorcycle showroom for a couple of years but was forced to quit two years ago when the weight was unbearable.

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He is hoping for a life-saving surgery that could remove the tumour and help him live a normal life.

‘I’m in agony. My head and back hurts.

‘I cannot work anymore. For the last two years, I am at home. It is getting worse. I want to a treatment that could help me live a normal life.’


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