Don’t expose our secrets! Hilarious comments as twitter user shares photos of okada riders working on Mile 2 road

Lagosians have reacted hilariously to photos a twitter user shared asking why Okada riders are still plying Mile2 expressway towards apapa. The twitter user had shared photos, writing;

”I thought we banned okada on major express ways. Or is this all talk and no enforcement? Or has the decision been reversed? This is Mile 2 towards Apapa this morning”.

But many quickly asked the user to keep quiet and don’t expose their secret. Their reactions…

”Amebor please don’t spoil our secret for us. Must you upload everything?

”What’s with people called Ope and not minding their business? That’s how Ope from Cowrywise…

”You cannot ban okada on Mile2-Apapa road. Bruh you will sleep on the road. That’s the only sensible means of transportation there.. Badagry-Mile2-Apapa Ps: You should mind your business and drive pass

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”Is there any other way to get into Apapa by road?

”Even some nigeria force men are using the opportunity to ride their motorcycle carrying passenger from eko idumota to any of their destination.

”Bros forget it Okada banned not work in Apapa and its environs, when saw

”Adding Apapa to his list I just laughed, Okada is the major means transport in Apapa

”Its already happening bikes are back though not all de areas but gradually creeping in

”@OpeAdelaja bro nawa go you, is it because you have a car of your own and you are too jobless to think about you own determination in life, why are some people just wicked and I believe you will never help someone with your car. Nothing last forever. You are once in those people

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”Shoes when you don’t have a car then, have you seen how people are stranded at the bus stop or you see how people are trekking. Do you no how there body feels when they get home late hour, you have forgotten your days of suffering. God don lift you up now na gossip you dey do

”Amebo…can you walk to tincan from mile2

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”Not only this corridor. There are other places. Also its a common thing to see uniformed personnel disobey this law and so many other traffic laws including driving on bet lane. Fashola never accepted this. Sanwo, pls act. Are the laws meant for civilians only?

”drive down nah, abi which danfo will take you to Tincan. Besides, a few hours yesterday, they were disturbed from berger to Liverpool bridge, I had to trek to Warehouse road. Did you know the deplorable state of the road in Apapa. The construction is very slow.

”How does this one expect people that work on that axis to get to work ?”


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