Emir Of Lafia Reveals What Osinbajo Did To Judiciary, Lagos State


The Vice President of Nigeria, Yemi Osinbajo, has been described by the Emir of Lafia, Sidi Bage Muhammad 1 as a pacesetter who revolutionized the judiciary sector in Nigeria.

The former Supreme Court judge, stated this while recounting the achievements of Osinbajo as the Attorney General of Lagos and how he impacted the country as a whole.

Emir Muhammad while speaking at his palace in Lafia, Nasarawa State on Monday when he received the Vice President, said the Vice President was responsible for the modern judiciary in Nigeria.

The Vice President was in Nasarawa State for the 26th edition of the MSME Clinics and was accompanied to the palace of the emir by the State Governor, Abdullahi Sule.

The Emir while speaking said: “Your Excellency, today, I feel the life to receive you in this ancient palace. It has always being my dream in life, that one day, the almighty will bring you here.”

“I have my special reason for that, because those of us in the profession, the legal profession, we appreciate the fact that, your Excellency, you are a pace setter. God made out today, a modern judiciary in Nigeria.”

“Your Excellency, most of us who are close by have noticed since after your appointment as the Attorney General of Lagos State, that brought about the revolution we are having today in the Nigerian judiciary.”

“Your Excellency, it is your coming in that we had the first major review of the rules of court, we never had that in Nigeria. This rules of court that came in became the first in Lagos.”

“We then at the Federal Capital Territory went to borrow it and today that has become uniformed rules in Nigeria. It is your handiwork. We never forget your tenure as the Attorney General of Lagos this is because it was the first time in the history of this country that the prosecution of high profile matters in this country really made sense in this country.”

The Emir noted that Lagos State was reformed during the tenure of Osinbajo as the Attorney General of Lagos.

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“Your Excellency, it is at your time that some of the innovations going on now that have helped so much in the delivery of the justice system made it easy, it was your time as Attorney General that we saw for the first time in this country, the coming in of the multi-court house.”

“The review that you had of the condition of service and what the changes in Lagos would represent which became the first example of this country, others went to borrow from Lagos and it has become uniformed in many states.”

“Your Excellency, I do not want to say much, but we will never ever forget you, your tenure as the Attorney General of Lagos, because that is what set the pace, the federal government of Nigeria had to go to Lagos to borrow from Lagos, how you take of the Nigerian judiciary, and it was through your calibre.”

“Thank God because, after that successful tenure in Lagos, we know that it was only going to be a matter of time and here we have today, Your Excellency, as the vice president of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.”

“We will not say much, we are not politicians”.

The monarch also described President Muhammadu Buhari as a leader who is taking Nigeria to greater heights.

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“We thank God for you, we thank God for your life, we know as a matter of fact that this country, Nigeria will continue to benefit from your tremendous experience, your good character exemplified by what the two of you, the President of Nigeria, Muhammadu Buhari and you as deputy.”

“No one can doubt the fact that the two of you are the best in character and exemplary leadership. We thank God for giving this country the two of you today and that is what has kept us going and will keep us going there is no doubt that as we journey through, you are taking us to the next level.”


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