Fadi Fawaz slams late George Michael by claiming he was ‘a big mistake’ in his life

Fadi Fawaz has slammed the late George Michael by admitting that he regrets ever being with the iconic singer.

The fine art dealer, 46, has said that being with the Careless Whisper singer was “a big mistake” in his life.

The singer’s ex-lover has taken to his Facebook page to bash George, who he found dead in his bed on Christmas Day back in 2016.

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Daily Star Online revealed that Fadi updated his Facebook status to rant about the “mistake” that was George.

He fumed: “What a big mistake George Micheal was in my life.

“But we all live to learn or die to teach.x”

The unexpected outburst comes after George’s ex Fadi was banned from his sister’s funeral.

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The singer’s late sister Melanie Panayiotou was laid to rest this week, four weeks after her death on Christmas Day.


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