Grieving baby monkey tries to wake dead mum up after she’s electrocuted (video)

A grieving baby monkey was filmed trying to wake up their dead mum after she was electrocuted.

The baby Golden Langur monkey is seen crying over its mum’s lifeless body and nudging her in a futile attempt to revive her.

The heartbreaking footage was was shot on February 12, at around 3pm, by teams at the Kakoijana reserve forest near the city of Bongaigaon, in Assam, India, according to local reports

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The baby langur, indigenous to Assam and some parts of neighbouring Bhutan, appears to be very distressed and nuzzling its head against its mum’s fur.

Reports indicate that the adult monkey had been electrocuted but that doesn’t stop the baby from frantically circling its mum in case she wakes up.

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Later in the clip two humans scoop the monkey mum up in a piece of fabric to take her away for burial.


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