Gruesome footage shows wool from the end of a cotton bud entangled with wax being removed from a patient’s ear after becoming lodged there ‘for days’

Disturbing footage shows a cotton bud being removed from a patient’s ear after becoming lodged for several days.

Neel Raithatha, who runs a private audiology clinic in Leicestershire, captured the revolting moment he removed the object.

The unnamed patient was struggling to hear properly and was suffering from an earache before seeking medical help.

Mr Raithatha discovered the wool had detached from the stick upon removing it from their ear, thought to be behind their symptoms.

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Commenting on the bizarre case, Mr Raithatha said: ‘The client attempted to self-clean their ear using a cotton bud.

‘They felt they were not hearing too well and believed the cause to be impacted earwax.

‘This is not recommended as the cotton bud, itself, can further push in and impact any earwax present.

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It admitted there is a ‘lack of evidence’ on the risks associated with using cotton buds but that they present a ‘potential hazard’ when used by patients to remove wax themselves.

Katherine Harrop-Griffiths, consultant in audiovestibular medicine and chairman of the guideline committee, said: ‘The general advice given is not to insert anything into the ear canal as it is self-cleaning.

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‘The only cleaning needed is to gently wipe the conch of the external ear with a damp flannel over a finger.

‘Ear irrigation is an effective method of removing earwax.’


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