Hilarious! Nigerian man compares how Ajaz star, David Neres got his girlfriend and how he tried getting his SAME WAY

So Ajaz star, David Neres says he got his current girlfriend by just entering into her DM and saying ‘I am David Neres, come to me’.

@Football__Tweet shared their love story alongside a photo of the couple. Then a Nigerian man tried doing same to a girl he likes. He entered her DM and said almost the same thing. Mentioned his name and said come to me.

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Well, the girl responded asking him ‘come to who? it’s like you are sick.

He then openly shared their conversation and compared it with that of the footballer, and tagged @Football__Tweet. Many Nigerians however came to the lady’s defense telling him he couldn’t have done it that way, with many saying; HOW MUCH DO YOU HAVE.?


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