Identity of the boy who beat up his girlfriend in viral video revealed

The identity of the boy who beat his girlfriend mercilessly in a viral video has been revealed.

In the shocking video, the boy is seen beating his girlfriend in the presence of his friends, and the friends only made minimal efforts to stop him.

It was alleged that he beat her up after she told him she’s pregnant and he’s responsible for it
More details have now emerged about the viral video.

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One of the boys has been identified as Moses Chiuta.

Activist Ukan P. Kurugh, who said he spoke with the victim, claims Moses is the one who beat the girl.

A screenshot of a chat explaining why he beat her up has been shared.

“De gal lied abt carrying a bby 4 me… She end up telling me she aborted de bby .. She insult me 4 asking her… like I was very angry,” the chat from a person with a profile photo of Moses (King Marett) reads.

Jude Faga Junior is an upcoming comedian and promotes his skits (Junior’s comedy) via his Instagram account.

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Asides calling him out, Nigerians also threatened his career and said he’s cancelled.

Meanwhile, a number of Nigerian celebrities have taken interest in the matter and have promised to see the case to a satisfactory end.


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