Indomie Staff Cry Out Over Modern Day Slavery

Staff members at De United Foods Industries Limited, makers of Indomie noodles, have lamented over  what they described as modern-day slavery and unfair labour practices they have been made to face since March.

According to them, cooks, drivers, nannies, stewards and other groups working for the largely Asian staff of the company, have not been allowed to visit their families since march, under the disguise of preventing the spread of COVID-19.

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The workers in a statement on Thursday said, “Ironically these bosses go out everyday including attending social functions while a few of them have even contracted the COVID-19 and infected the helpless domestic workers. The affected domestic workers are largely drawn from those living with their bosses around Ikoyi and Victoria Island parts of Lagos.

They noted that they wrote the  Federation of Informal Workers Organisations of Nigeria, a network of working people, under informal employment in Nigeria, almost two months ago , during which time efforts were made to reach out to the management of DUFIL, in order to review its inhuman policy without any response or acknowledgement of the effort.

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They went on to urge the Nigerian Government, investors and the international community to comr to their aids to ensure that they were released to go home.



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