Inside billionaire Kylie Jenner’s new $36 million seven bedroom home (photos)

The 22-year-old Keeping Up With The Kardashians star is said to have plashed the equivalent of £30 million on a new pad in the Holmby Hills neighbourhood of Los Angeles.

And Kylie certainly won’t want for space as the home is a huge 19,250 square feet in size and is part of a “resort compound”, according to TMZ.

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Images from the estate agent looking after the property give fans of the reality star a glimpse of the luxury and comfort she can afford since being confirmed as the youngest ever self-made billionaire by Forbes last year.

Kylie has made her fortune with her vast make-up empire – which has a special focus on lip glosses.

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The property Kylie is tipped to have bought has outdoor space featuring a luxury pool, while open wall facing rooms provide an easy space to skip to in order to relax away from the sun.

The exterior of the building features dark grey tile and lots of lighting running under steps and along walls.

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