Jennifer Aniston gives rare glimpse of mysterious tattoo

Jennifer Aniston has given fans a rare glimpse of a mysterious new tattoo during a video call with former Friends co-star Lisa Kudrow.

The actress, 51, was chatting to her former co-star during Variety ‘s Actors on Actors issue, in which the pair discussed the monumental success of the hit NBC sitcom.

But as the pair discussed their time on Friends, fans became more consumed with Jen’s unexplained tat on her left wrist.

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As Jen lifted her hand up at one point in the chat, fans noticed the tattoo read ’11 11.’

Baffled by what the meaning behind the ink job could be, fans quickly began to speculate.

The most common guess so far has been a reference to Jen’s birthday – which is February 11, however the star has never confirmed that the tattoo symbolises that.

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As curious fans continued to guess, many noticed that Jen has actually showcased the tattoo many times on several occasions – especially red carpets.

And eagle-eyed fans stated that Jen actually has another tattoo on her body already.


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