Kim Kardashian thanks Beyonce for a massive Ivy Park X Adidas package

Kim Kardashian received a huge gift from Beyonce, a massive box of clothing from the singer’s new Ivy Park X collection, which re-launched earlier this month.

Kardashian, 39, took to her Instagram story to share several videos of  her checking out a large wheeled cart with an Ivy Park X strap fastened to it, with Kim stating, ‘I can’t wait to see what’s inside.

After looking inside, the reality star gushed that, ‘There are literally the most amazing things in here,’ while going through the ware.

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Kim pulled back one back which featured a grill fashioned out of the famous three-stripe Adidas logo, which Kim said was her, ‘favorite grill ever.’

She then pulled back another clear bag which showed an Ivy Park X hat inside along with several other assorted items. \

She gasped after seeing a body suit, adding, ‘There’s just so much! Thank you Beyonce so much. Thank you Adidas.’

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The fashion mogul ended her small tour of the gift card by showcasing a pair of maroon Adidas sneakers that matched the body suit.

Kim then put her runway modeling skills to the test, showing off the maroon body suit set to Beyonce’s hit Run the World (Girls).

She then took some close-up videos of her wearing the form-fitting, curve-hugging bodysuit, with the matching sneakers.

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She concluded her flurry of videos with a message of thanks to Beyonce and Adidas for sending her the package.

‘Sorry I’m sooo late! Congrats @beyonce and @adidas on such a hugely successful launch,’ Kim said.

‘I love everything and can’t wait to wear it all!!’ she concluded.


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