This article is on lafiagi laddu 2018 national convention.


LADDU 2018 convention

I am indeed profusely grateful to Allah who has kept me alive till this time and particularly to be amongst those who witness Lafiagi Descendants’ Development Union (LADDU), 2018 National Convention. I was gladdened to be amidst  the crème de la crème from Lafiagi and it’s environs who graced the august occasion that took place on December 30, 2018 at Kwara State College of Education Technical Lafiagi (COETL) New Auditorium.

I am so delighted to be part of the team (National EXCOS) that will elevate LADDU (#1 sociocultural group in Lafiagi, Edu LGA, Kwara State) forward for the next 2 years as Public Relations Officer II (P.R.O2). I view it as another opportunity to serve humanity, hence, make positive impacts to the development of my fatherland and my motherland.

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Despite being happy that I am the new Assistant National Publicity Secretary of the exalted Union, I am saddened by  what transpired at the event. Excluding the presence of little children who graced the occasion with their parents, I was not only the youngest member of the Executive Council, but also the youngest member of the Congress. How bad can it be? Where are our youths? Are youths relegated to the social media alone to be cyber warriors?

The youths need to learn two basic lessons from my inclusion as an Exco in the union. In the first place, THE ELDERS DON’T STOP ANY YOUTH FROM BEING PART OF DECISION MAKING PROCESS and  the YOUTHS NEED NOT TO FIGHT THE ELDERS BECAUSE WE WANT TO BRING IN INNOVATIVE IDEAS.

It is indeed crystal that if the elders do not want to welcome the youths to their midst, Usman Haruna won’t be a LADDU Excos at 25 Years Old. It pertinent to reiterate that I was not forced , coerced or sponsored by anyone to contest for the post in the convention.  What i did was to contact the EL-COMM for procurement of nomination form, I returned the filled form and subsequently contested without any ulterior motives. My brothers, in any occasion where the elders deny you inclusion, challenge the status quo, not by fighting them, but, by following due processes.

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I believe the elders sent us to school to  learn so that we can bring innovations not for us to come and fight them when they err. Thus, ‘What dialogue cannot solve, violence cannot solve it’. Let us learn to respect the elders at all times, let us learn to approach them and even learn to get what belong to us. I want you to know that the Man you are fighting or attacking is someone’s Father, Uncle and even Grandfather, the same way as your own father or Uncles and the same way you will also become a father of the society someday. What you do to them, May be done for yours or even to you when it’s your time.

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Let us learn to embrace peace at all times, let us exhibit standard behaviors that are not only commendable and recommendable, but also worthy of emulation. Let us be good ambassadors to  our families, our societies and the generality of humanity.

LADDU 2018 NATIONAL CONVENTION was attended by creme de la creme from Lafiagi.

Usman Haruna,

LADDU  P.R.O 2 (National Headquarters)



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