Lockdown makes mum fix artificial nails on baby’s fingers and people are upset [photo]

A mum has been slammed for putting long fake nails on her baby, with many labelling them “trashy”.

Many users hit out at the nails, describing them as “awful”, while others were extremely concerned about the child’s safety, fearing she might poke them in her eyes.

The nails, which have been cut into the ‘ballerina’ shape, have been decorated with rose gold glitter, rhinestones and one has a Louis Vuitton logo stenciled on top.

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The mum shared a snap of the acrylic nails on Reddit and has been inundated with comments.

The post was shared to Reddit’s r/trashy thread which has two million users following it.

One said: “No, just no”.

A second said: “So goddam trashy and awful.”

“I didn’t realize what was wrong until I saw the hand” said a third.

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And: “This is how your child gets hurt. Have this person never been around an infant before?”

Many parents have decided to give their kids a new look due to lockdown boredom, and TV star Laura Byrne used a brown eye pencil to give her gorgeous little girl Marlie-Mae some fleek brows, but, well, not fake long nails.

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