Man who loves being treated like a puppy also gets his p*nis electrocuted for s*xual gratification

A man who enjoys dressing up as a puppy and having his p-nis zapped with electricity says his fetish has survived the coronavirus lockdown despite now missing out on “belly rubs”.

Freki, probably not his real name, tells the randy C4 documentary S-x in Lockdown: Keep S**gging and Carry On that living as a puppy means he gets lots of cuddles and attention, as well as punishment.

In a clip, the half-naked “human pooch” is wearing a bondage-style hood shaped like a dog’s face and appears to have a “tail” in the form of a butt plug.

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Freki says the first time he put on his beloved hood he was “already starting to bark” and has not looked back since then.

He embarked on the fetish, called “puppy play”, just before lockdown began and says he loves being called a “good boy” by his masters.

Since then, it’s been tough for him to meet up with other fetishists and he has become lonely.

He says: “Before lockdown, we were having more meetings, more cuddles, more love, more everything.

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“But now it is really hard for puppies.

“It was horrible, no cuddles, no attention, no love. It was really difficult.”

Freki demonstrates his loneliness by giving a long howl.

Luckily, the “puppy” has been able to go virtual walkies online and says it has been great for relieving the tension.

“The thing is, it’s an escape from society. You take out all your stress.

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“You’re thinking no more than having cuddles and taking treats.”

He says his favourite punishment is having his penis shocked with electricity, which his master will do with the push of a button.

Freki admits that having his genitals subjected to this interesting torture hurts but says he enjoys punishment and takes “a lot of pleasure with that”.

In Norse mythology, Freki is one of the two wolves that accompany the god Odin.



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