Melaye addresses ‘Intellectually stagnant individuals’ who want him to sell his cars during the pandemic to feed the poor

🤣🤣🤣 Brutal! Brutal!! Brutal!!! Dino Melaye has recorded a video in which he addressed

”Intellectually stagnant individuals” who want him to sell his expensive cars in this pandemic to feed the poor. 
Dino says he has been getting so many messages from Nigerians that he should sell his cars, but assured them in the video, that HE WON’T, and as a matter of fact he is praying for more wealth to acquire more.
He says he is not the Almighty and said even if he sells all his cars, it won’t solve Nigeria’s problems.

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He further went on to say, he is a giver and goes by the direction of the Holy Spirit.

But what message is he passing across? HE WON’T BE SELLING HIS CARS!!! Lmaooo, so brutal!



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