My big boobs don’t affect my sports life –Cossy Orjiakor

Popular actress, singer and producer Cossy Orjiakor talks about her sports life, Super Eagles, female football and why the present footballers don’t appeal to her sexually, in this interview with ’Tana Aiyejina

As an entertainer, do you think there is a similarity between acting and sports?

Of course yes. They are both entertainment, they bring joy, pleasure to the society. Generally and globally, sports is regarded as entertainment.

Did you engage in sports while growing up?

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Yes, while growing up I was good at running. I was involved in athletics while in primary and secondary schools. But I grew older, I began to lose a bit of interest in running and sports. But as a kid I was a very good runner and athlete.

A report quoted you as saying you have a soft spot for Mikel Obi, the former Super Eagles captain. Is this true?

Someone made that up, probably a journalist. I never said anything like that.

Have you had a crush on any sports personality before?

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I don’t really have a crush on the current footballers. Most of these footballers are just boys. My mates are no longer in the field.

If you had a chance to pick a football star as husband, who will that player be?

The football players right now are kids to me, so they are not sexually appealing to me except you are talking about their uncles.
Would you say your big boobs prevented you from doing sports?

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I never planned to make a career out of sports, so I can’t tell. But I believe if I had wanted to become a sportswoman, it wouldn’t have been a problem.

If reincarnation is real, would you want to relinquish your boobs for sports in the next world?

Never! But the only thing I would have told my younger self would be not to give a damn about people’s opinion, just be yourself and be law-abiding.


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