Okada Ban: How Some Children Went To School Today

Following the ban of Motorcycle (Okada) and Tricycle (Keke) in certain areas as announced by the Lagos State government, after it said there was the need to tackle the menace created by the motorcycles and tricycles and the need to guarantee the security and safety of the lives of Lagosians.

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Following the ban, most Lagosians resort to finding alternatives to convey themselves to work, as some said it appears the old system of transportation is not indeed ancient.

Lagosians bemoan the resuscitation of rides on Horses with the journey from EkoHotel to Ajah according to the Lagos residents costing N3,000.

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Nigerians perception of trekking is that the individual who engaged in such is not financially buoyant but not in the instance when the rich cannot find Keke and Okada to convey them.

Meanwhile, kids were seen on the back of a truck, going to school.

See the video below:

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