Parents in the UK may be fined if their teenagers break lockdown rules

Police have warned they will fine and arrest anyone caught breaking the coronavirus lockdown guidelines as Britain is set to enjoy a mini heatwave.

Parents of teens and young adults who are caught breaking the rules could also be slapped with fines, according to one senior police officer.

Britons have been advised to stay inside and only go out if it is essential, such as to the supermarket, for medical reasons or daily exercise.

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But there are fears people may be tempted to bask in the sunshine as most of the country is set for a 20C mini heatwave.

Ken Marsh, head of the Metropolitan Police Federation, has called for parents to be fined if their offspring were caught ignoring guidance.

Police were given new powers last week to issue £60 on-the-spot fines or even make arrests for breaches of the lockdown rules.

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Mr Marsh, whose federation represents 30,000 officers in London, said the new rules did not provide adequate enforcement measures. He said problems arise where more than two teenagers have gathered and refuse police demands to go home.

Mr Marsh said: “We’ve got to take them home, but why can’t we fine their parents? Otherwise, what’s the deterrent?”

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The call came as police reported a rise in burglaries at shops and pubs in “ghost town” cities during the lockdown.


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