Photos: Bride-to-be who won’t let coronavirus lockdown withhold her hen party throws it in a supermarket

A bride-to-be dressed up in high heels and a face mask for a supermarket hen party during the coronavirus lockdown.

Katiusca Mariani had planned to meet her pals in Rimini, in the northern Italian region of Emilia-Romagna, but her plans were ruined by the Covid-19 outbreak.

In order to stick with new social distancing rules, she came up with the idea of celebrating in a supermarket in Milan.

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Katiusca and her friends wore face masks, gloves, dresses and high heels for the celebration.

She told local media: “We did not want to stop seeing each other, even if the trip was delayed, we wanted to find a way of remembering this day.

“We queued, waiting for our turn to pay for our groceries and respecting all the rules.

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“The only difference is that everybody took a bottle of alcohol and cheered.

“Once inside we did the grocery shopping together and took some pictures to remember it.”

She added: “The supermarket staff were very kind and two workers came up to us and doing a kind of arch they made me walk through the arch, as if I was in a church.”

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Instead of reprimanding Katiusca, the supermarket workers thanked her for brightening their day.

Her wedding is set to take place on June 27.


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