Pilot makes emergency landing on busy canada’s motorway

A Pilot made a death-defying emergency landing on a busy motorway – between cars after his aircraft malfunctioned.

After he calmly merged with traffic on a highway near Quebec City in Canada, impressed people praised him for being as “cool as a cucumber” after his James Bond-like manoeuvre.

Incredibly, the Piper Cherokee pilot emerged uninjured, according to local firefighters who were called to the bizarre incident.

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But other motorists on Highway 40 were amazed by the unexpected landing.

A stunned Mathieu Leclerc filmed the unique addition to the busy road in Canada.

His clip shows the Piper PA-28 Cherokee flying directly over traffic, somehow missing signs and vehicles before touching down in one piece.

Sergeant Helene Nepton, provincial police, told the National Post the plane landed without a glitch.

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The aircraft was believed to have been heading for Jean Lesage International Airport, as it landed south of the site.


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