See amazing pictures of hedges cut into stunning shapes

You have never seen anything like this before. We mean all put together in photos for you to see at the same time! Amazing!!

From a dog to a dragon, these snaps capture incredible topiary from around the world.

Twitter users shared their best spots after a Scottish man named Barry kicked off a thread with a photo of a hedge cut into the shape of a sleeping dog. 

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His picture quickly racked up 70,000 likes, retweets and comments from impressed users who soon shared their own versions.

In one instance a user shared a picture of the majestic horses he spotted during his travels to Rome, while another user posted a picture of a very extravagant dragon.

Meanwhile some houseproud garden lovers even incorporated parts of their garden into the designs, with one crocodile-shaped hedge appearing to eat their bins. Too lit! More photos…


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