Successful 18-year old Russian millionaire blogger dies in motorbike accident

A young ‘inspirational’ online influencer who became a millionaire at 15 has died in a motorbike accident in Bali.

Russian Anastasia Tropitsel, 18, suffered head injuries when she crashed on her Kawasaki on the Indonesian island.

Her boyfriend Viktor Maydanovich, 30, who was on a bike next to her said she began to ‘wobble’ at around 60 mph and lost control, colliding with a roadside fence.

Footage shows her last moments just before she set off on the bike as she filmed herself in the vehicle’s mirror and the surrounding beach views.

Anastasia had been a blogger since the age of 12 and said how she ‘became a millionaire at 15’ from her successful internet presence.

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She told her million-plus young followers: ‘I inspire you to do what you can’t.

‘I grow your wings and send you to go freelance.’

Tropitsel – whose real name is Anastasia Zubrina – died soon after buying a new Kawasaki Ninja 250 motorbike and immediately following a public row with her doctor father who warned her that her online success story was turning to failure.

She had stayed in Bali for lockdown after a trip to the island to boost her Instagram.

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‘Your business is collapsing,’ he said.

She was enraged when he told her: ‘Your team is just having fun at your expense. You do not finish your new projects….

‘It is not pleasant to listen to this, but I hope it will be useful.

‘You have only fun in mind. You have to hold on to your mind and start working if you want to live well.’

He claimed her boyfriend Maydanovich ‘pulls you down’ and told her: ‘Start working if you want to live well.’

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She accused her father of ‘burning’ her emotionally and betraying her.

Her blog urged her followers to overcome fear by immersing themselves in whatever causes fear.

In response to her death her boyfriend, from Ukraine, posted: ‘My beloved girl is not with us.

‘Please, my friends, say your last farewell to her with your good thoughts and meditations. It is very important.

‘(Anastasia) was moving at a speed of 80-100 kilometres per hour along a major road, where everybody goes at such a speed.

‘She always rode very safely and accurately.

‘Then her bike started wobbling.’


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