These Crazy Soft Ice Cream Flavors In Japan Will Shock You


While most of the world eat sweet flavored soft ice cream such as chocolate, strawberry and other fruits, in Japan they do things a little differently. There flavors tend to be of the salty kind and quite often include pieces of seafood and other meats and herbs.

Take a look at the flavors below and tells us which (if any) you would love to try.

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Jellyfish Ice Cream

Ice Cream With Oysters

Egg Noodles Ice Cream

Shark’s Fin Ice Cream

Horse Meat Flavor

Salted Fish Ice Cream

Spicy Indian Curry Ice Cream

Chicken Wings Ice cream

Cactus Flavor

Squid Ice Cream

Beer Flavored Ice Cream

Fish Ice Cream, Served With Salt Fish Instead Of A Spoon

Sweet Potato Flavor

Shrimp Ice Cream

Coal Flavored Ice cream


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