US kills Al-Shabaab commander, Mahamoud in air strike

A senior Al-Shabaab commander was killed in a recent US airstrike in Somalia, the director of US African Command (Africom) said on Sunday.

“Bashir Mohamed Mahamoud was a senior operational leader responsible for exporting terror in Somalia as well as attacks into Kenya,” said Africom director Colonel Christopher Karns.

“He has been a senior al-Shabaab member for more than a decade.”

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Bashir was killed in a February 22 airstrike, said Karns, describing him as an “individual (who) had a role in planning and directing terrorist operations in Somalia and on the Kenya border region”.

Bashir also was suspected of having had a role in a January attack on a US-Kenyan military base in southeastern Kenya in which three Americans were killed, he added.

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General Roger Cloutier, commander of US land forces in Africa, recently declared al-Shabaab to be “one of the biggest threats on the continent”.


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