Why You Should Stop Being A Hustler

One of the most commonly used word in Nigeria today is the world -HUSTLER (and its verb – HUSTLING).
Hence, we regularly hear phrases like – “I just come back from hustling” , “He/ She go hustle”, and “He/She is a real Hustler”.


Ironically, over 70% users of these words in Nigeria don’t know the real meaning of the words – HUSTLER and HUSTLING.

The Dictionary meanings of ” Hustler ” are : “Pimp”, “Prostitute”, “Petty-Thief”, “Gigolo” etc.
And many dictionaries attributes the words ” Hustler ” and ” Hustling ” to derogation.

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Perhaps, you might want to grab a dictionary to check if you have your doubts about the actual meaning of the word.

Many years back, while reading the James Hadley Chase (and other crime series), I came across the word – Hustler severally in many of these books, and became familiar with its meaning and usage to describe a “Prostitute” or a “low life thief”.

However, in recent times; I have had to correct a few friends on the incorrect use of the words – Hustling and Hustler especially when referring to themselves.
It is highly comical that daily, many Nigerians have expressively used these derogatory words wrongly to describe themselves in their bid to protray their positive virtue.
While in western worlds, describing yourself as a Hustler can easily have the law agencies on your heels, here in Nigeria it is common to hear many ignorantly describe themselves as Hustlers.

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For Public Knowledge, this post is meant to draw attention to the widespread wrong use of these derogatory words, and also urge many Nigerians to desist from continually derogating themselves by the wrong use of these words.

Hustlers are Thieves and Prostitutes by dictionary meaning.
So if you are not a “Thief”, ” a Con”, “a Prostitute” or ” a Gigolo”, then start calling yourself an “Hustler” or describing your Livelihood as “Hustling”.


Stop being a Hustler.


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